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Pyramidal Facts

Some 170 years after Jean Francois Champollion first deciphered the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, it now seems to be the turn of an unassuming Indian researcher from Chennai to travel back in time and unlock one of the most enduring mysteries of the hoary past. Mr. R.K.S. Muthukrishnan’s discovery that the base triangles of the Egyptian pyramids are equal in angular measurements to those of the Srichakra–the Hindu ritualistic symbol of the cosmos – perhaps also strengthens the possibility of the great ancient civilisation having shared a common science of measurement and mathematics. Indeed, this is a strong suggestion that often surfaces when scientists try to contemplate the sweeping sapience the ancients must have enjoyed for them to have been so attuned to the great temporal and spatial mysteries, the way we now know they were. The fractal mathematics used by Mr. Muthukrishnan to establish the link between Egypt’s massive megaliths and the Srichakra’s triangles probably must have been known to man 3000 years ago. How else could the Egyptians have laid out their borders, cities, temples and of course, the pyramids, at points significant in terms of latitude and longitude, and at distances measured in good round numbers? And now the brooding presence of the pyramids in the sand – swept Saharan stretches may yield further secrets if Mr. Muthukrishnan’s mathematics are any indication. At the very least, his findings certainly corroborate what we already know of these remarkable repositories of scientific knowledge. For instance, we can obtain the modern value of pi-the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter by dividing the sum distance of the Great Pyramid’s sides by twice its height, just as the pyramidal inch is believed to be based on the actual size of the earth, fifty such inches corresponding to exactly one ten millionth of the planet’s polar axis. Similarly, the sum of the pyramid’s base sides-365.240 pyramidal in-chesalso indicates the number of days in a year, while multiplying the pyramid’s height by ten million gives the Earth-Sun distance. And to think that all these interpretative results of measurements may pale before the treasury of knowledge, such as for instance;, of the pyramids’ telluric energy fields, waiting out there in the desert to be discovered!
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pyramid Mystery

CARIO, Oct. 26. – An Indian researcher, trekking through the sand-swept Western Sahara to study the ancient pyramids, claims to have stumbled upon a discovery that the base triangles of 51 and 52 degrees of the monolithic structures at Giza outside the Egyptian capital measure equal to the triangles of the Srichakra, the Hindu ritualistic symbol of the cosmos, reports PTI.

The discovery could spark off a worldwide debate over the purpose and origins of the pyramids, the only remaining wonders of the ancient world and heighten the mystery surrounding the structures.

The researcher, Mr RKS Muthukrishnan, a Chennai-based former draftsman, who has been delving into what he terms the “cosmic power” of the triangles of the Srichakra for the past 18 years, says there appears to be a deep relation between them and those of the pyramid.
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ART FORTUNE POLITICS - December – 2008

Cosmic Enlightment

When Mr. R.K.S. Muthukrishnan went into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. During his Research he felt and energy exiting from his body and some cosmic energy entering his body at the same time. At that very moment he drew figures of Pentagram, Star of David and Sriyantra on Golden Plates. He felt a cosmic energy field surrounding him. At that time an inner command urged him to lie down for many hours in the coffin which was empty. This brought about a turning point in his Anthro Biometric Development.
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Anthro Bio Metric Automobile

The Intuition of creating Apparel brand and an Anthro bio metric Automobile idea came to me in the Isis temple at the bank of the Nile.

Mr. R.K.S. Muthukrishnan

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The Times Of India, Bombay, Wednesday, March 30, 1994

Wheel of density changes his life

TEN years ago, when an agnostic in his early 20s, having nowhere else to go, was resting in the Kabaleeswar temple, here a page of local English paper was swept under his feet. Having nothing else to do, he went through the pages which carried a feature on Sri Chakra, the supreme yantra. And that changed the man’s life.

The feature, says MR R.K.S. Muthukrishnan, the agnostic turned great believer, came to his attention when he was already visualising human beings in the form of triangles.

‘The chakra’ with 43 triangles formed by the intersection of nine major triangles, represented the universe and hence was related to man, he reasons. It was because of its influence on man that great Adi Sankara had “brought it out into the open centuries back,”. He argus. And if it was related to man, it could also be used to predict his destiny, the man who wanted to be a draftsman, told himself.

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Guide India March, 1994

Anthro Bio Metric System INDIA, a land of mysteries and exotic mysticism has enchanted the world from days unknown. Tantras and Yantras are closely associated with them.

Over the past few years, the papers have splashed news about a young man who shot into prominence since his startlingly accurate prediction regarding the assassination of the late Prime Minister, “India Gandhi”.

Born to a freedom fighter of the Kambalatha Naicker family of Zamindars from the Sidhargal Nattham Village renowned as the abode of 18 “Siddhars” on the banks of the river “Vaigai”, R.K. Sennaya Swami (Sri Chakras) Muthukrishnan stumbled on an extraordinary phenomenon-the art of predicting future through the “Sri Chakra”.

The Sri Chakra is basically a symmetrical arrangement of triangles and circles, with lotus petals forming the borders of the circles.

It comprises of geometric diagrams with each element symbolizing various aspects of cosmogenic and psycho physical views of Tantrism.

The Sri Chakra indicates the eight directions, also seen as the eight protecting deities of the community (see diagram). The eight apexes in the diagram represent the eight deities such as Vayu (air), Varuna (water), Agni (Fire), Yama (death), Kubera (wealth) and so on, which are the basic elements surrounding man.

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Inside the King’s Chamber

RKS. Muthukrishnan  sitting infront of the coffin or coffer or child delivery box inside the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid
RKS. Muthukrishnan sitting infront of the coffin or coffer or child delivery box inside the King’s chamber in the Great Pyramid.

THE ECONOMIC TIMES Chennai Sunday 10 November 1996

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