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Anthro Biometric and Ancient Culture and Research and Development Foundation

We would like to mention some important points in this research foundation

  • To develop a new automobile design based on Anthro biometric system.
  • To develop new architectural design to construct the buildings based on sacred rules (Codes) and sacred geometry.
  • Anthro biometric based and Anthro biometric based matter of child hospital and medical college. Ancient culture development and geometry research and ancient music instrument.
  • To protect the species like rare birds, insects.
  • To protect the cows.

Anthro biometric based Automobile Design

Anthro bio metric based automobile system for manufacturing luxury cars.

Architectural design

In the future, the development of architecture can be done to the cities like Seoul which would come out like New York.

Pyramidal Facts
Mystic Charm

Unique Delivery Hospitals

There are many scientifically equipped developed hospitals in the world. But the concept of Anthro biometric child delivery and mother care hospital is a new concept. This concept will be ancient geometry based.

India Cliams to have solved pyramid mystery

Rock cutting and production of thread

He is planning an interesting project of producing chakra-inspired designer houses and fashion design. The idea, he says, is to build houses and create dresses to suit specific numbers and colours which could be sold to those who would fall into those categories.
The project still in the conceptual stage would entail cutting rocks or start production of thread for the dresses on certain specific dates.
The construction and dress making would also be done on specific dates.

THE ECONOMIC TIMES chennai Sunday 10th november 1996.
looking at the future
As told in the economic times, To make the anthro biometric rock cutting and threads, we need large agricultural area of about 1000 acres of land. This concept can only be used by the rich people.
Stone houses are existant but our method would reach the richest more easily.

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