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Ancient Cosmic System: Golden Period ( Silver with Gold)

In this world each and every human being's life lies between two periods at certain rate of percentage level. He may be a richest person in the world or the poorest, the percentage level of good and bad periods, are at its own level.

Our part through Anthro Biometric Cosmic System had been practiced by the ancestors in the ancient times as method called Ancient Anthro Bio Metric Method by using nature and Cosmic Energy. It is said that the same method was followed by Vijayanagar Emperor to capture the provinces down South.

The method which has helped the Kings and Emperors of those times has now been improved and developed through intensive personal research by Mr.RKS.Muthukrishnan. He has in turn converted this method into a science called Ancient Cosmic System, to suit Kings and Emperors of the present world who are actually politicians and business magnets. And the reviews published in the each issue of his newsletter, is evidence and proof of its development.

RKS.Muthukrishnan assures people that by using this cosmic system, he can find out the Golden Period (Silver with Gold) of any individual (politicians and business men).an individual say a politician or business man can enjoy 75 per cent of the Golden Period (Silver with Gold) definitely. How? This question can be answered through Corporate Drawings and Paintings by 40 per cent counseling and advice 35 per cent and the remaining 25 per cent accessories are needed. And it usually is a long term process to attain 100 per cent. Which means that anyone who does not come across the Ancient Cosmic System is probably not going to enjoy the full capacity. He/she will only get 25 per cent of the Golden Period originally. But by using this System he/ she can enjoy more than 50 per cent; that is one can enjoy up to a maximum 75 per cent of the total Golden Period (Silver with Gold).

Problem Period (Copper and carbon)

Problem period (Copper and Carbon) of an ordinary human can be determined seven years ahead. It affects ordinary human beings at a 100 per cent even resulting in business failures, political change and many other problems. Mathematics of a particular person, RKS.Muthukrishnan assures can be solved by using the ancient Cosmic System. At least 75 percent can be solved. Using the science of Cosmic Drawings, not corporate drawings which is meant only for the Golden Period (Silver with Gold), problems can be solved up to 30 per cent. The remaining 45 per cent can be done solved through counseling and guidance. This way the problem period (Copper and Carbon) can be diverted. He has divided the total system of Golden and problem period into four material divisions that is Gold, Silver, Copper and Carbon.
For any person, neither the problem period (Copper and Carbon) nor Golden (Silver with Gold) is impermanent .He assures that by using his ancient cosmic system, one can know the future (Golden and Problem period).


In 1996 page no:255 and 256 titled, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, shows how a person who faces a bad financial phase in 1993-1994, entered public shares and then became successful using the Ancient Cosmic System.
At that time the research of RKS.Muthukrishnan's Ancient Cosmic system was in its early stages of development. From 2008 onwards, the success rate of this science has gone up to about 60 to 79 per cent.

S.J. Malleeswari

Business India Dated April 8-21-1996

Wheel of fortune

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