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Predictions About Tamil elam, Sonia Gandhi, Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal - RKS Muthukrishnan , Anthro Biometric Researcher

Sri Lanka, Daily News, Thursday September 03, 1992.

Sonia Gandhi

Muthukrishnan is deadly accurate. Politicians and entrepreneurs flock to Muthukrishnan for advice and he obliges once he is satisfied that the intentions are noble. He is a deeply religious person with a sense of commitment to business ethics, social justice, social harmony and national integration. Muthukrishnan was the only one to predict the death of Rajiv Gandhi on Tamil Nadu soil at the hands of the LTTE. He also said that though Rajiv would win the elections in 1991, he did not see him as India's next Prime Minister. How accurate! Congress (I) won but Rajiv was pot the Prime Minister.
He expects a split in the ruling party, the Congress (I), and the calling for an election to the Lok Sabha, in 1993. Narasimha Rao, the Prime Minister, will face a challenge from forces led by Arjun Singh. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will see a slide in its popularity while the Janata Dal of V.P. Singh will continue to go downhill "Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will enter politics in 1994 and the BJP will launch a smear campaign against her exploiting her Italian origin, says Muthukrishnan. Though Muth¬ukrishnan is not sure if Sonia Gandhi will become Prime Minister, "her daughter has the makings of another Indira Gandhi” he says. Muthukrishnan's prediction about the Kashmir problem is that it would get solved though Punjab would continue to be an irritant with the Akalis becoming proPakistani. “But India will never break up despite all the strains, pulls and pressure. When a real danger comes to Indian unity, and the leader falls to a secessionist attack, the nation gathers itself together as it did when Indira Gandhi fell to a Sikh secessionist's bullet and Rajiv Gandhi was blasted by an LTTE bomb.

On the LTTE, Muthukrishnan says that despite support from a powerful western intelligence agency, it is being marginalized. "It is now into big business, both legal and illegal, which will affect its military capability. The Shri Lankan forces would be able to militarily curb the LTTE though not destroy it. The LTTE would not have much support in Tamil Nadu, but with the military pressure on them mounting in Shri Lanka, the LTTE would perforce have to seek shelter and bases in India. They would use Tamil extremist forces in Tamil Nadu in their illegal operations here and the state government would have law and order problems as a result of this. "But neither a separate Tamil Eelam nor a separate Tamil Nadu is possible," Muthukrishnan says On the November 1992 US Presidential election. Bill Clinton has ten per cent more chance than George Bush, says Muthukrishnan. "A fall from power is indicated in the case of Bush. Even if he were come back to power he would land himself and the country into trouble and may have to step down".

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Sri Lanka can contain the secessionist war and remain one country Sunday Observer, November 08, 1998.

Indian mystic reveals the secrets of the triangle

Indian mystic R. K. S. Muthukrishnan has found new uses for the Sri Chakra, an 8th century tantrik yantra or occult device

Indian mystic R. K. S. Muthukrishnan has found new uses for the Sri Chakra, an 8th century "tantrik yantra" or occult device. It is not just a symbol of the universe, a mythical receptacle of cosmic energy or an aid to concentration. It is a keyhole enabling a peep into the future and a powerful, tool to harness cosmic energies for the attainment of secular goals. Seeing new meanings in the Chakra's angles and triangles, Muthukrishnan has found that they have practical functions. The Chennai - based former draftsman says that nowhere is this more evident than in the pyramids which, according to him, were not tombs but giant instruments to harness cos¬mic energies for practical purposes.

To R.K.S.Muthukrishnan, the draftsman turned mystic, the triangle is everything. It is a representa¬tion of the universe, a determinant of our individual and collective lives, a keyhole through which one can foresee what is to come, and an instrument with which one can control the elements. "Man is encapsulated in a triangle," asserts the lanky 38-year-old man from Chennai, India.

Muthukrishnan's romance with the triangle began in a rather mundane way, when he joined a course in draftsmanship at the G. D. Naidu Technical Institute in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu. But he was soon to discover that his stock in trade of angles and triangles had more to them than met the eye. Sixth sense led him to the Sri Chakra, the 8th century Hindu mystic symbol, which was a set of concentric triangles set in a circle ringed by lotus petals.

The Adi Shankaracharya, the 8th century Hindu philosopher who is believed to have created the Sri Chakra, might have known all its properties, but down the ages, Hindus had seen it only as a symbol of the cosmos, a receptacle of mystic power and the "bindu", the dot at the centre of the Chakra, was considered an aid in meditation. But Muthukrishnan intuitively felt that there was more to it than just these.

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The Hindustan Times, Monday September 13 1993.

Crystal-Gazing, Draftsman to figure in dictionary NEW DELHI: The International Biographical Centre (IBC) at Cambridge in England, one of the world's leading publishers of works-of-biographical reference, has included the name of a Chennai-based drafts¬man, R.K.S. Muthukrishnan, in the 27th edition of its Dictionary-of International Biographies. Muthukrishnan's studies included the striking similarities between the triangular configurations of the great pyramids in Egypt and the ancient Hindu cosmic symbol of Sri Chakra. Crystal-Gazing

The Tribune, Tuesday, May 11, 1999.

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